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Possibly the best lesson

I was having a conversation with a youngster yesterday who was just getting their feet wet in the business world. I wanted to share with you, as I did with them, one of the most important stories I was told many, many years ago.

Look at the illustration for this post.

What do you see?

Most folks – if not everybody – see a “black dot.”

Well, that is an example of why things aren’t working as well as they should for you. That black dot represents everything that is wrong right now. The bad coffee, the idiot Boss, the way you are treated, the shitty work, the fact you got up this morning, tore a hole in your new outfit, spilled juice on yourself and the cat peed on you. All that stuff! And more.

It goes on and on, doesn’t it? This is sadly the most critical issue you face – it is called fear … the fear of failure. It masks itself in all sorts of manifestations – mostly us wanting to have something else to blame for our failures. It is so convenient that way.

Well, I believe that the first thing to do is look at the rest of that illustration. I call the technique “eliminating Black Dot Days”.

There will always be something wrong – there will always be a gripe. But by focusing on these things – the Black Dot – you are missing the big picture … you are missing the point. You miss all the great things in life. Look at the big picture – the white space represents everything that is right with your life.

Think about it.

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