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The Clemence Mosley Consort

Pat Clemence and Pete Mosley have been collaborating musically for many years as the Clemence Mosley Consort. Years of recording, composing, performing, touring, and playing music. The range of both these artists is both wide and varied.

MacGuffin, their first chill-jazz album, brings deep, rich, highly-polished, orchestral composition and performance together with hypnotic ambient lounge rhythms and grooves.

Digital synths, pianos, keyboards, acoustic percussion, electronic drums, sampled sounds, and the Zendrum, a unique, midi-percussion instrument, were used in making this album. All played. All performed.

So who or what exactly is a MacGuffin?

Pat Clemence – piano, keyboards & synthesizers

Pete Mosley – acoustic & electronic percussion, Zendrum

Recorded at Hara Productions, Brampton ON

Cover design – Clemence Mosley Consort

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After All and Then


Clip from a Live performance at The Music Gallery in Toronto


pat clemence

pete mosley