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Peter Mosley is a life-long musician and drummer. Involved in the world of drumming from an early age, his devotion to the art, the business and the drumming community spans nearly five decades.pete2clr

His experience embraces many disciplines – from performing to teaching, from writing to recording, from clinician to the business of drumming – and beyond.


Translating his many years of rudimental training and expertise to contemporary drumming, Peter conducts very entertaining clinics and master classes on playing techniques and execution not only for marching percussion 17192241_1378601078828082_1284192024148653873_obut as applied to the drum set. His clinics focus on the proper physiological aspects of drumming and the techniques that help drummers gain an understanding of how to improve conditioning, strength, control and avoid stress injuries and fatigue.

Peter’s clinics on practice techniques and style corrections aid in preventing most, if not all, elbow, wrist, shoulder and knee injuries. Not only do these techniques help prevent injury, they also help to increase speed, control and dynamics. Thus making drummers stronger, faster and better conditioned.

zenWith the advent of electronic percussion, pad surfaces made of composite materials present the drummer with a new challenge. Peter’s techniques aid in helping the drummer play on these new surfaces properly while reducing the risks of injuries occurring as a result of improper technique. Peter’s clinics also encompass proper MIDI set-up, recording and live applications and how the traditional drummer can benefit from this new technology.

In his own words…

“The MIDI revolution and the advent of digital sampling is an opportunity for the drummer, not a threat. We have better sounds, more flexibility, better equipment, more creativity – in short, the technology should inspire the drummer to investigate the world of electronics, not consider it the enemy.”

Peter has been involved in electronic percussion since the mid-seventies. He worked with some of the industry’s pioneers to develop prototypes and early analogue drum synths.

Peter is currently recording a solo album “The Drum Lion” which highlights the blend of acoustic and electronic percussion and is scheduled to be released soon.



  • DOCA drumsRudimental & pipe band snare
  • Acoustic drum kit (Jazz, Rock, Funk, Celtic, Country)
  • Electronic percussion (New Age, Contemporary, Chill Jazz)
  • Drum programming
  • Drum restoration, refinishing & tuning.
  • Antique drum collector.
  • Drum Corps drum instructor (De la Salle “Oaklands”, The Cardinals of Precious Blood, Oakland Crusaders & The Emerald Knights)
  • Member of CADRE



Roland V Drums
Multiple keyboards




Logic X
Native Instruments


 Various acoustic kits
Zildjian, Sabian Cymbals


Past-Columnist Drum Business Magazine  (publication of Modern Drummer Magazines)

Ward Music

  • Drum Department Manager

Toronto Percussion Centre

  • Store Manager
  • Developed marketing plans for the Stacatto & Ayotte Drums
  • Teacher at the Toronto Percussion Centre Drum School
  • Helped organize the first Percussive Arts Society Drum Symposium 

   Steve’s Music Store

  • Manager Drum Department
  • Launched and designed drum department
  • Developed clientele and annual sales to over $2mm annually
  • Assisted national distributors at trade shows and demonstrations
  • Organized and staged numerous drum clinics
  • Established cross promotions programmes (Toronto Blue Jays,
    CITY-TV, Much Music)

Clinician: Percussive Arts Society & Premier Drum Company

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