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Worse than SPAM; Maybe Worse than Porn

Having been on Social Media since day one … in fact, before SM, and as a Cluetrain Cultist it behoves me to point this out.

FB and other similar social sites have turned into nothing more than grocery checkout tabloid mags. Just saying that phrase makes me cringe.

I saw this today – it was emblematic of the crap you see at every turn.

Sites like The Little Things are basically preying on vulnerable people. The folks that need this type of tabloid BS should probably seek professional help, no? My question is … if you are a fully-functioning adult, why would you read this?

On FB they have over 10 million followers. You can see why someone like Trump got elected. In a perfect world, people would be smarter, more evolved and would see that this shit really is nothing more than porn for the emotionally needy!

Anyway, one of their alleged writers a Barbara Diamond – possibly not a real person – has these titles to her credit. She must be proud.

  • Family Moves Into Dream Home, Only To Make A Horrifying Discovery Behind The Nursery Walls
  • Wife Says Gender Reveal Is The Surprise, Then Dad Rips Off Pink Shirt To Reveal Note Underneath
  • Audience Member Steals Merch On Hidden Camera, But Ellen Waits Til Show To Teach Her A Lesson
  • Mom Discovers She’s Pregnant With 5 Babies, Then Husband Leans Over Her As Nurses Pull Them Out
  • Mom’s Been Hiding A Secret, Then Removes Dentures To Reveal She Still Has All Her Baby Teeth
  • Teen Is Too Upset Over Sick Dad To Sing, But Then Looks Over And Sees Him, And Instantly Changes
  • Childhood Bully Asks Her To Dinner, Then She Secretly Has Waiter Slip Him A Note For Revenge
  • Dad Thinks Son Will Help His Case, But When He Starts Talking To Judge, It Hilariously Backfires
  • Teen Is Stunned When Mall Kicks Her Out Over Outfit, Then She Posts A Photo On Faceboo
  • Dad Dies Suddenly. 2 Weeks Later, A Stranger Knocks On Her Door And Says ‘That’s My Girl’

Just wrong.

Now, I have no issue with folks trying anything to make money as long as it is legal. This is legal, of course – but I think it should be exposed for what it is. It certainly is NOT making the world a better place, nor the folks reading this crap, better people.

Wake up sheeple.

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