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Two Headed Calf and The Bearded Woman (Part Two)

Here is a good -enough paper on advertising’s State of the Nation(ish). You see all media was created with one purpose – to sell ads. That is how they pay the salaries and overheads to a large degree. Now before you start frothing, yes there are exceptions PBS and The Economist and National Geographic, I did not put CBC in here because they sell ads online – which is a totally different argument.
Media, and NOT Social Media because there is no such thing! Media is distributed and can be audited. It is called The Web. And The Social Web. The Social Web because you now create the content which fills in the spaces between the ads. And the data you serve up (Your privacy is no longer) is the product. Now back to media … it needs your attention for ads to work and to get it at one time they relied on their “Brand;”
“I only read The Telegram!”
Or “Scoops;”
“Read it here first!”
Then “Tabloid Journalism;”
Exclusive pictures of “Diana’s Death Car!”
Well, that all stopped working in print and in broadcast. The Net came along in the 50s and was used primarily government scientists and universities up til the late 70s early 80s. Bulletin Board Systems became popular in the late 80s and then the World Wide Web happened and it all went to hell in a handcart!
I was on Facebook today for a moment managing company pages (I do not go on there anymore for social stuff.)  and right at the top of my feed was a post about a woman arrested in the States in a women’s restroom because someone complained she was a transgendered person. And the (LITERALLY) hundreds of comments were so embarrassing – I read about 20 and wanted to puke.
You see if you believe this crap and you then go off on a tangent you are a moron. One click on Google and it was well-documented this was a story originating from satire site and the picture used was from an arrest 5 or so years ago of two women protesting that people of the same sex couldn’t get married.
My conclusions:
1 – People cannot or will not read. Buy a book. Without pictures!
2 – People are closed minded – Trump is evil. Blacks are evil. Whites are evil. Dems are evil! GOP are evil! Cops are evil. Men are evil. Women are evil. And on and on and so on and so forth. In any instance any one of these corollaries can be true – but NEVER in every instance!
3 – We as a society (Especially the States!) is screwed. Or at least till these moron’s kids grow up and realize what troglodytes their parents are – and in this case, their Mothers are – cause it was mostly women with the asinine comments – and hopefully when these kids start thinking for themselves, put these imbeciles in homes and maybe they can create a better world? Women TURN OFF The View!
4 FaceBook – like AOL in the early 90s (And thank God that was short lived) is now replacing TV as the open sewer in your living rooms. Turn this crap off. Read a book, talk to your kids, go outside – based on the comments on that post, you might learn something from your kids – because it is obvious your 9 years in school did bugger all. You can name every one of the Kardashians, but not your State capital.
5 – If anything is too good to be true, sensational, weird or fanciful I will bet dollars to doughnuts it is a fake. And it is fake to get you to look at it. Your eyeballs are where the money is. Or, even worse some amateur journalist trying to get attention. ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! 
Anyway, end of my rant.
PS: You are falling for it. Don’t.
PPS: Stop worrying about GMOs and Climate a/ because you haven’t a clue what either are and b/ you can’t do anything about them – this you can and should do something!.
And … sorry … I urge you – when you see a stupid story on Facebook block the poster. God help you if they are your friend. But if they continue to be your friend … well, that says a lot about you,. no?
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