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Seemingly every second post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is a Bernie Sanders meme.


I have stated before I am not political. I don’t hate Bernie, nor Trump, nor Biden nor Harris not even Trudeau.

Am I fond of them? No, I am not.

I am old enough and I guess wise enough to realize all politicians can do is say stuff and promise stuff to get elected. The rest of the tough bits are carried out by civil servants who have been in power… sorry, have been in the service of our country for decades. Yep, the same ones.

What bugs me is the low-class and seemingly endless immature behavior I see online. It is no different than the “cool kids” making fun of someone not as cool in school.

We are quick to condemn bullying but making fun of someone to me is bullying. And we have seen these personal attacks on politicians and others for many years now on Social Media.

And no matter how superior you seem to feel you are, doing that makes you look like an asshat.



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