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The Net

I do love this – talk about electronic buggy whips. And morons.

I get an email from

Now, first of all it is probably from Google and I ask – so this is what they want all my data for? Come on. You got the tools, the data – do something with it!!!!

but,  je digress …

Now I peruse the site.

I can actually now get Syracuse Woman Magazine to my Android device!


  1. I do not own an Android device. If you had asked I would have told you what I own and how I use it.
  2. I would happily tell you what interests I have …  if you had asked.
  3. I did not see a damn mag I have even heard of? Where is HBR or Golf Digest? They may be there but simply putting a zillion pictures – OH HANG ON I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A SITE – WHERE YOU UMMM STICK, ERRRRRRM PUSH ERRRRRRM PIN YEAH PIN PICTURES
  4. AND FINALLY, Please do not SPAM me. I am happy to put my hand up to be served – IF YOU HAD ASKED!!! THIS IS NOT 1997!!!

These are some of the simple Direct Marketing rules to follow. And sadly, most, if not all the boneheads in the “digital realm” have neither heard of, learned, nor bothered to look up how to direct market to someone!

Talk about just plain stupid!

Further to: I continued to poke around notwithstanding “How the hell did my PPT from SlideShare get on here?” I saw a mag  called Urban Cycling   Here is what it said in the “info

“Urban Cycling is a book dedicated to addressing the problems of biking in urban areas by suggesting alternatives and solutions to problems. Urban Cycling is a final student project for a graduate level graphic design program. Photography and copy have been cited.”

It is NOT a magazine – it is pretty. Wooot! But it is NOT a magazine. And, sorry if I am about to read a magazine online I expect it to have some sort of I-DUNNO interactivity? Any interactivity would be nice! Boy this is so 1995. Pretty. sure, absolutely, But 1995. It’s called Shovelware. Where you shovel all your shit online.

So maybe this HUGE DDoS attack the other day was a good thing?

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