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These are some comments from the evaluations of the courses

“I loved Everything – The Tips/Techniques excellent – the manual is terrific for future presentation planning /giving – the video sessions at our presentations extremely valuable”

“The speaker was fun, the information communicated was solid”

“It’s a great course and I recommend anyone who does public speaking
to take it.”

“Peter Mosley is a great trainer.”

“Encouraged team participation, demonstrated knowledge, confidence and motivated all speakers.”

“Peter engaged each class participant. Each participant received focused attention, while at the same time offering learning and tips to others

“I loved (and hated) the videotaping and having to watch/critique my performance. While difficult to see, I did learn a lot and will make changes when I present going forward.”

“The videotaping was really helpful to better understand my style and see areas requiring improvement.”

“Excellent – Good material, honest, criticism-dynamic.”

“Videotaping is extremely effective way to help us improve
communication skills.”

“The course was great as it focused on what shouldn’t be done from a communication perspective.”

“Real practical examples that I can use right away.”

“Very passionate and honest. I appreciated his honesty. Good energy, knowledge, motivating, engaged.”

“Really enjoyed the session. Peter is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject and brings anecdotes from his professional experience. Makes for rich discussion and learning. Thank You!”

“Appreciated the directness and honesty of presentation feedback, as this will apply for the remainder of career.”

“Peter was awesome. I truly appreciated the honest feedback and recommendations.”