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Social Media … a small rant

I am off Facebook. But, I go on occasionally to work on three pages I manage. If they were mine I would delete them, but they are someone else’s and they pay me filthy lucre to manage them. So I do it. Yes, I am a whore.

And while I was just there I noticed reports of a disaster and 257 comments under the post. Yes, it was like holding out a spanking new pack of Camels to an ex-smoker. I peeked.

About comments. People know everything about everything. All the folks that comment are experts on all topics. Know-it-alls.


Why can’t I get a decent breakfast?

You know eggs the way I like em? The bacon is done right? Served hot? But probably Jimmy or Molly who trips over themselves and is my “bubbly” servers are experts in sabotage, espionage and RCMP searches. But they can’t take an order!

Why can’t I find a salesperson who isn’t a douche?

“Hi, any today Ma’am?” And then the non-stop list of features – not listening and hoping against all hopes I will say yes to a widget of some sort? But an expert in Euro-politics and bitcoin!

Why can’t I get a repairman who is worth his money?

But he comments under “Savoir Sam” the ins and outs of nuclear physics the arbitrage rates and what the Illuminati think?

Why do ads suck so much?

But lil Sally or Bobby ad-person can explain why the marketing of a multinational 400 billion dollar company sucks!

Why do my servers keep crashing?

But the fucking nerds who are supposed to keep the lights flashing are on Reddit castigating someone’s taste in backsplashes!

You see, we are sadly a people prone to failure. Screw “Zero Defect” and “TQM”. Most folks couldn’t find their arseholes in the dark with either thumb. And don’t!

That is sadly where the Cluetrain and the whole Social Media thing fell apart. Every-fucking-person is now Cliff Clavin.

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  1. Mike
    Mike August 11, 2019

    And golfers! Don’t get me started on golfers

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