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Re stats and analytics

This happened today.

Last night I Tweeted

And today at 2:00 I have more than tripled my monthly impressions in this one Tweet

  • No Hashtags
  • Not an area I am known for
  • Not a smarmy I want clicks Tweet – I was sincere and Tweeted after I saw his bit with the Maple Leafs my Fave Team
  • Did NOT mention the Leafs

Just … I guess  typing “Biebs”

So what does that tell me about increasing my impressions? Well, nothing I am happy about.

It shows that all I have to do is say a word that a whack of folks have marked in some sort of online listening app.

Great so all I need to do is waste time figuring out those names?

  • Kanye
  • Kardashian
  • Tiger
  • Beyonce etc etc etc

Pass. Hard pass!

I am a Cluetrain Guy… and this is NO NOT CLUETRAIN!!!!

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