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Social MediaIf there is one rule I have … “If it ain’t fun, I’m not
doing it!

That’s why I am off Facebook.

I have left an account there that allows me access to the half dozen pages I manage. Two pages are mine the rest belong to other people.

My time is valuable. Reading non-stop rants about Trump or Trudeau or Ford or Wynne and insipid, trite and poorly written “feel good” posts or the abundance of clickbait… well, enough was enough. I believe Social Media should be social. And I believe you should post only what you create or if someone else’s intellectual property – give them full credit. But originality to me is key. And so little on my feed was original?

Sure I could trim my friend’s list or “Snooze” folks but that to me is not the online experience nor the social part of social media and would be censorship. So I am out! Folks can do what they like. Knock yerselves out!

And, I can exercise my free will and not be subjected to stuff that does not feel good, nor is fun!

I still have accounts on other sites and do not feel the same barrage of not-so-great content that Facebook had become. Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube and Reddit and a bunch of others are seemingly fine at the moment.

As someone who believes strongly in the essence of The Cluetrain, Facebook is failing fast. Ads upon ads. As someone who owned magazines I am no stranger to monetizing eyeballs – but the percentage of ads vs editorial (If you call FB posts editoria>) is out of whack.

There is no downside to this decision. I get news from other sources. And I stay in touch with folks in other ways.


  1. Marcel Smolinski
    Marcel Smolinski June 25, 2018

    hey Mose,

    ‘prolly didn’t notice my absence, but yes I also had reached the “shut the fuck up stage” and rather than call some good friends lame, narrow minded, soapbox spewing idiots, I’ve pretty much kicked the fb habit.

    Olemetec, Statins and Clonazapam can only keep me so calm.

    I don’t frequent many of the other s.m. platforms as I have neither the need or the sphere of influence that demands my availability to the masses.

    Thinking of adopting an alias fb account for the few touchstones that I care to retain. Mostly family, business types and a diminishing number of the old drum corps crowd.

    Yes, I lurk because there are posts that I find interesting, meaningful and the best ones are the “pee my pants laughing” ones. (You’re to blame for some of them in all categories)

    Unfriending acquaintances and friends of 50 or more years is pretty hurtful and I’d still like a few in attendance at the obligatory farewell bash when I croak.

    Sadly, the void that we leave can be measured like the hole left in a pail of water when one inserts then removes their fist. But, your attacks in the name of logic and general good times will be missed.

    Good to see you golfing again, but I think you’ll get more strokes with the eye patch.

    #16 GREEN

    • themose
      themose July 4, 2018

      Thanks, Marcel!!!

      It was great a bunch of years ago … now? Not so much.

      All the best!

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