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Just some Friday morning ramblings

The pandemic …

So the New World Order, eh? I thought they ran everything?

If they do then it seems they want millions and millions of us dead. On the other hand, I think it is a kooky conspiracy theory.

What have individual countries spent since the start of the pandemic – in relief and medical support and unemployment benefits, grants, and lost opportunity costs? What about the millions now deceased? Trillions? Multiple trillions?

If there was a smart person – more than likely an adult vs say a Greta at 15 yelling at us, or a leader who wasn’t corrupt or inept when all this started would we have had a chance to avoid this plague?

That smart adult (Similar to a sharp CEO of a very successful company.)  might have said … “OK CONFERENCE Call with all the leaders, NOW! Here is an immediate plan. All travel is hereby canceled. I have had the Chief  Accountant run some numbers – it would be cheaper to pay the airlines and any folks wanting or needing to travel all expenses, put em up in 5-Star-Hotels and feed em vs letting them travel and spreading this shit all over the world. And do it now! Right now!!!!”

“Now, if any cases that got through and in our countries, immediately do a serious ‘get em isolated and treat them like Ebola’ (Cause it is actually!) and then compensate em after they are well — “Mr or Ms so and so … here is a million dollars thanks for your patience and service to humanity! Hell, make it 10 million whether they survive or not (Pay the families!)  It is well worth it and cheaper.”

We paid a terrorist $10 mil just to avoid a court trial!

Could all of this have been averted if we had adults running things? I bet, yes we could. But we have governments with hundreds of layers of decision-making and layer upon layer of bureaucrats and lawyers trying to cover their collective asses? and net/net incompetence. Full stop.

There should be a lesson learned here! And if you do NOT believe me watch the coverage and the bickering and the experts going back and forth on everything,

We need some serious people now. Some adults. I know why folks do not run for office – they more than likely have an indiscretion in their teens or at university that will not stand the scrutiny of out petty minds and woke cancel culture. Or as I have witnessed the really bright serious people who run and get elected are so beaten down by the bureaucratic system they resign and head back to private business.

Yes, we need change. And we need it now.




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