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I have been noticing a bit of a trend.

Now, full disclosure, this is anecdotal and I have no data or statistical proof … but it is a feeling. A pretty strong feeling!

I see some fairly large and revered brands on Social Media (Pretty much everyone is on now!) and it looks like a lot have hired the same bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-youngsters to run their accounts.

Why do I say that?

Well, the abundance of cat and puppy posts emanating from some serious companies. The senseless rhetorical question and the stuff that is simply neither aligned with the particular brand nor their industry – it makes ya wonder?

Yes, the old guys and gals (Jesus, are there any left?) in management probably wouldn’t know a Tweet from a CPC, from a Pin, to a “Like!” And that is understandable. BUT – you’d think the marketing-types or the agency folks might notice?

Hiring some bright-as-a-button-Young’un to post your Tweets and run your SM that doesn’t know what your brand represents nor your industry is a waste of time and money. And for the kids doing this – save all that fluff for your personal accounts.

I am still scratching my head at the latest Funeral Home Contest …

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