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George Carlin

Short remembrance. Very timely!

I was with a buddy in Manhattan havin a beer at a bar. Down the street was some commotion. A film crew. Filming … Prince of Tides. Filming is a common occurrence in that city.

George Carlin walks into the bar and sits right beside us at the bar and orders a beer. We look over – know who he is – we tip our beer and nod and smile. He returns the toast and smiles. We sat drinking our beer – I ordered another round and said – “Would you buy this man a beer, please.” George accepted. We toasted again and we sat. My buddy and I continue our conversation.

George chimed in a couple of times… “Hey, where you guys from?” “Canada, we say!” We toast again. Small talk ensues.  George heads out to rejoin the filming. He thanks us again for the beer, and we toast him one more time.

Like ships in the night. It was a lovely encounter.

Here is George … he was so right.

RIP Mr. Carlin.

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