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This is weird. I am watching the golf coverage of the Canadian Open and I have realized that several guys I know talk like sports announcers. All the time.

They speak in 2,3 or 4 sentence words. As if doing TV colour commentary.

Look at that!
Or what!
That’s outa here!
That’s a good break.
Needs something good to happen fast!
Can’t believe what’s happening!
Got some work to do.
Didn’t hit it!

Etc etc

Not having TV for decades, I never picked this up until now. All I knew, was that trying to engage these guys, was difficult. I see why now.

I am sad at this – we guys/men have enough to get through (Men are not doing that well, in case you haven’t noticed!) without this type of affliction. I guess we can add this to vocal fry and up-speak.

Taught public speaking and presentation skills for decades. Boy would this be a great challenge to take.

My new mission! Stop all the youngsters from sounding like Jim Nantz!

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