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Direct Marketing 101

I dropped Netflix a while back. The last couple of times I went to the site there was nothing that interested me? I had watched and binged on what I liked and it seemed that was it – nothing new was being added I wanted to watch. That was a while back. So I opted out. I figured as an old Geezer I am out of the target group. Shit happens. And, how many times can I possibly watch “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter?”

I received an email today from Netflix with the subject line “Come back today”

The incentive was that they are always adding TV shows and movies. Plus Netflix originals and so on and so forth.

Not really what you’d call an incentive or in my lingo “the offer.”

In DM you have The list, the creative and the offer. Let’s look at each.

The list: Yep me. Folks that have cancelled. However, not once previously did they reach out and ask, “Hey, Pete why did you leave? What can we do to get you back?” And I do not see anything in the email – other than it is to folks that quit, that targets me or a group that opted out?

The Creative: Yeah looks like Netflix alright. And the headline – if I ignore the subject line ACTUALLY being the headline says Enjoy Netflix Again (The translation … Pete send us money!) The rest of it pretty much a yawn.

The offer: None.

What would be a great offer? “Pete we really want you back! We see you were signed up for one device (Our cheapest option! You are one smart, frugal son-of-a-bitch, eh!) here … enjoy Netflix for 3 months or 6 months on any number of devices for the same price!” Or … “Pete we miss you! We are sorry we did something that made you leave … sign up now and here is a (Insert Gift card, some free months or a donation on my behalf to a charity to save a puppy … whatever?) just for you. We really want you back. Hugs and kisses!!!!

All the chatter about privacy and data. Bullshit – they have a few years of data on me and my viewing habits, why not use em? Why? Because people are stupid, lazy and incompetent. Ergo my “Era of the Amateur” saying I bounce around.

Well, net/net(flix) it did not work. Also, in behind this email I sensed two things:

1 – The Netflix folks, much like a lot of online attempts at DM are weak and badly thought out. No strategy and probably run by amateurs. If it is an agency? Fire them.

2 – Arrogance. (Insert corporate chest-pounding) We are NETFLIX resistance is futile you will be assimilated (Rejoin as a member now you Putz.)

Neither of the two “feelings” I got from the email made me “feel” good about Netflix. And kids … adverting and communications is all about how you make the other person feel!

I am surprised there wasn’t a fucking pie chart! Or a deck. SMFH!

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