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Why you need a coach …

know how knowledge or education concept with green button on computer keyboardThe world’s best leaders were simultaneously exceptionally talented, skilled, determined, and aware that they could be better. And they understood the value of a great coach to help them improve themselves. Great CEOs like Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Bill Gates all sought out great coaches to help them up their game.

A great coach provides three key roles in developing highly successful executives.

1. Great coaches see things you can’t see

Coaches have a different perspective.

Coaches also have a different emotional perspective. They are less likely to be attached to a particular approach or behaviourĀ and are willing to question more boldly the assumptions and ways of doing things that you take for granted.

2. Great coaches say things you can’t say

Sometimes poor performance of a team is a result of complex interpersonal issues and relationships. A coach is the best person to find these out and can solve issues in a tactful and objective way.

3. Great coaches know things you don’t know

Coaches have seen numerous situations and industries and know what typically works and what usually doesn’t and can help make sure you’re not making the same mistakes other people have already experienced.

In my many years of helping companies, my greatest pleasure was to coach executives and watch them succeed.

I have always believed, “Success is measured by the opportunities you afford others.

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