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It’s possible that I’ve lived too long, seen too much and have too much common sense. Three things prompted this post.

First, years ago Premier Harper was accused of silencing scientists. He was, in fact, silencing government employees who were scientists, he was not silencing scientists all across Canada.  It was probably a stupid thing to do but he was trying to stop the government rank and file from coming out with proclamations that were personal statements/findings and not the official government position.

Second, I read about a few police officers reprimanded for either supporting the anti-vax movement and/or the trucker convoy. Not good. Stay in your lane folks!

Today Colin Kaepernick is in the news Well, “news-ish” he is trending on Twitter.

Racism is a huge issue. Yes, conditions are better than 50 years ago but still, it is evil. Was Colin right to protest racism and treatment of POC by cops? Absolutely! Was he right in doing it wearing a team uniform? Absolutely NOT! Just like the examples above. 

I applaud Colin in his protest. But he has to do it on his own dime. Same with the cops and the government scientists.

Should Colin be allowed back in the league? If course … but see the cautionary tale of the image I posted here.

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