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Canada … oh?

In many keynotes and lectures, I relayed this story on how to understand Canadians.

A friend of mine won the Lottery! He now had $24 million to play with. And play he did! He traveled for a couple of years, played a lot of golf, drank a lot of great wine and generally enjoyed the jet-set life of a Playboy. But it wasn’t enough?

My friend was outgoing and a real “people person!”

So he got an idea. He found a wonderful little beach bar on St Maarten and made it his own. As he had no need for income he put up a big sign …

“DRINKS 10¢ “

He just wanted the company and to spend his days chatting with folks and having the time of his life. And he did.

One day a couple of gentlemen from Ohio entered the bar. They were a tad confused and when my friend greeted them they asked. “So all drinks 10¢?”

“Yep!” he answered.

The guys ordered two Tanqueray 10 Martinis… make em “doubles!”

My friend whipped up a couple of perfect drinks and set them on the bar. The guys were absolutely stunned … “This is great!”

My friend announced the tab would be 40¢. And the afternoon took off just like that. Another round was ordered and my friend’s mission was accomplished. Great laughs and stories!

A while later one of the guys noticed two older gentlemen sitting down the end of the bar – not drinking.

He asked my friend, “What’s with those two?”

“Oh, them? They’re from Canada. They’re waiting for Happy Hour.”

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