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I call it a Christmas Miracle!

I have been off Facebook for most of the year with no plans to go back. I do have a “maintenance” account because I look after some pages for people for filthy lucre. Yes, I am an ad guy, therefore … a whore.

I use Twitter and Instagram mainly. It keeps me somewhat up-to-date with family and current events but I found – at least with Twitter – I was increasingly getting steamed over what I read. So, I did something about it.

Now comparatively speaking my Twitter account is no big deal. I was following 2,500 people and 1500 were following me. It made for a robust Twitter stream … but!

So I decided to cull the herd. I unfollowed or muted folks who:

  1. Had Trump derangement syndrome 
  2. Could not stop talking politics.
  3. Were all non-stop Trudeau this and Trudeau that!
  4. Were attention-seeking whores (All the time!)
  5. Were consistently whiny! “Oh, poor me! Wah!!!!!
  6. Kept retweeting or following the above.

So, off they went. I now have 2,200 folks I follow.

Now it is early sailing but in the last few days, my Twitter feed smells like a walk in a beautiful country meadow rather than a walk in New York in the 80s! (If you walked in NYC in the 80s then you know exactly what I am talking about!)

It has been refreshing. It has been a Cluetrain moment for me. You see, you are in control of your life, your social web and what you see and read.

Is this censorship?

Hell no!

This is getting rid of toxic folks who really need to get their shit together.

First of all – a lot of the folks who got dumped were Canadian and the Trumpster is really no concern of theirs. We have way bigger issues here!

Second of all if you think you will feel better by pulling at that scab – trust me, leave it be. Let it heal.

And last … no backbone, no follow. Full stop.

Happy New Year!!!


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  1. Mike
    Mike January 1, 2020

    Happy New Year you weird little cowboy.

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