A random thought

Over the years I have seen this a few times and everytime I do, I smile.

I think Sting has done wonderfully well for himself.

Looking back to1977 I was with three friends at the Horseshoe where a buddy of ours was playing in a band and a group called the Police was opening. We had no idea who they were?

They came out. Three geeks in white/silver jumpsuits and basically playing punk tunes badly while jumping around on the stage. Was awful. We left and went up the street to the Black Bull – had a few and returned when our buddy was on with his band. (The “We” was the lovely drummer from the B Girls, Teddy Fury and another fellow I can’t remember. If all the folks attended this mess that said they did it would have been 3,000 patrons. It was like 40.

Years later after some serious do re me was dished on the lads by the drummers brother they and Sting in particular – did quite well. As a musician I wish no one ill. Good on them. They were talentless on that night. But hey maybe there is hope for all.

Now, Joanne. Fuck.

Lady Gaga. What the hell is that about? I had no idea. I am not now, nor ever plugged in to any scene. I play for money. Heard the name, saw the outfit made of meat and went .,… “Ummm ok? Whatever?”

Then I happened to see her perform solo on Howard Stern. First let me be clear there is another talentless self-promoter but good on him! She is on his show. Awkward and early morning and … well she sits at a damn grand piano and blows my fucking mind.

Have been a huge fan ever since. She can sing. She can play. She can write and I guess she can act – I will catch A Star is Born as soon as practicable.

In this clip we have Lady Gaga with an assortment os some pretty interesting and accomplished players and it is basically “Hey, KIDS … don’t let go of the fucking rope!”

She is dragging them all through this. I am sure they had no idea what hit them. I have seen this phenomina several times where a star is playing and either a guest artist or side man (person???) runs the fuck over everyone and the band is absolutely stunned. Good on you Joanne.



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