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I just got off the phone with Telus.

I received my monthly bill and discovered it was double last months amount. I called the billing department and was informed that the contract I had ended today. I said, “OK well can you renew this contract?” They responded, “Sorry no, that speed that you had is no longer available.”

“OK so what is available?”

“About triple your speed .”

“OK I really do not need that. Is there not a slower speed like I had a while back –  that was more than sufficient?”

Lots of hagglin’ – no luck! I now have super-duper blinding speed. I asked what people need that for?

“Oh well working from home you know,  Zoom calls and maybe gaming!”

I replied, “That is terrific but as I am retired and mostly blind ‘Zoom’ calls I never do and have never played a video game.”

It ended up NOT being twice the amount – again with some dickering – but still a 70% increase.

Jesus. Mary, Joseph and the lil wee donkey!

It is what it is. Not like we have any competition in Canada vis a vis Telcos.

So a couple of questions?

As a long time direct marketer, why would Telus not send out a notice that my contract was ending and maybe offer me some sort of “deal” as a long time customer renewing early?

No, sorry I know that answer.

And the second question … well more of a RANT:

Zoom calls.

I did one once. Nope. Are you kidding me?  On my Mac I have had a thing called “FaceTime” forever. And all the time I had that (When I was working.) never, ever used it.

You see as a now-retired once senior executive I tried to outlaw meetings and PowerPoint at all the companies I ran. They were a waste of time and staff were often just playing with damn PPT than working.

Zoom calls fall into the same category for me. Maybe worse!

I can see where some management types want these. These are the self protected managers* and we will have to suffer them forever.

They want to make sure the staff are “Clocked in” on time and doing their work – whether they have pants on or not!

I get it. But really?

So, anyway I now have blazing speed to … erm send emails and browse the web. Yeah the occasional Netflix but even the slowest speeds I have ever had worked fine.

We Canucks sure love out monopolies!!!!

Here is something I wrote a long, long time ago. …

Any company could be well served by adopting a people-driven marketing program and adopting a “Responsible Manager” ideology.

A Responsible Manager is effective without the excessive stress experienced by managers who are “Achievement Managers”. They provide feedback to employees by praising their positive performance and providing constructive feedback for negative performance. The basic management philosophy is that people are productive and creative individuals who do not need manipulation or over protection. It is important to resist the idea that people are incompetent or lazy (Identified by *self protected management styles.) or powerless and trapped (Identified by unconscious management styles.). The Responsible Manager has equal concern for both the staff’s productivity and their needs. The mission of Responsible Management is to operate through employee involvement through delegation, participation and team building.

The “Responsible Manager” has been described by Abraham Maslow as a “Self-actualized Person”; by Carl Rogers as a “Fully-functioning Person”; by Erich Fromm as an “Individuated Person”; by Eric Berne as a “Winner”.

People at this level of functioning show a high level of adaptability, flexibility and creativity. In short, they are very mature, positive about themselves and about others. They have a win/win outlook and approach to others. The ultimate goal in any organization is to have as many people operating on this level as possible.

The role of the manager is difficult to define. Every manager’s job is unique. Regardless of the titles, the management position has one important common denominator – all managers require the basic need to work with and through other people.

 A Successful Manager  displays the following traits:

A strong self image.
– Self knowledge
 – Self confidence
– Emotional maturity

 Positive attitudes,
– Ability to see the big picture
– Willingness to confront problems
– Practical judgement
– Goals directed
– Openness to growth opportunities

 Leadership skills.
– Ability to motivate without relying on authority or power
– Ability to motivate myself

  Success behaviours and habits.
– Decisive
– Proactive, responsible
– Ability to plan & organize
– Effective time management

 Now … where the hell do I download FORTNITE?



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