Samples & Director of Programming Page

Track Snippets

After All, and After Then

Powerful, grounded rhythms and cinematic sound textures build to a climax of jazz piano voicings and thunderous drum sounds, fading out to the ambiance of a warm summer evening. Total length 4:48, 100 bpm



Playful, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek tune, with wah-wah guitar textures, infectious melodic hooks, and bouncy dance rhythms. Total length 6:54 (begin early fade at 4:08 – 4:17 out) 112 bpm


Spaces, Places and Random Faces

Chill, ambient lounge, mesmerizing collage of Dreamtime imagery, the recurring theme played on other-worldly theremin and evocative South American flute, driving real-time drum performance, sizzling jazz fusion synth solo. Total length 7:15 (begin alternate fade at 4:05 – 4:14 out) 106 bpm


Cryptic Odyssey

Electronic drum beds support alternating themes played on slide guitar and chilled keyboard stabs, with cinematic orchestra and acoustic piano interludes. Darkly mysterious. Total length 7:11, 116 bpm


Crooked House

Uplifting chill groove with a real-time drum track, salsa-influenced piano, and a gradual build. Total length 5:06, 116 bpm.


Bossa Nuevo

Playful percussion-based improvisation, supported by funky clav riffs and resonant electronic tapestries. Total length 6:25, 120 bpm



Complex, multi-layered percussion performance, featuring two independent bass lines both played on the Zendrum. Total length 5:50, 90 bpm


Just All the Luck of the Draw

Atmospheric chill-jazz fusion, synth solos and expansive ambient interlude. Total length 7:20 (begin early fade at 5:00) 120 bpm



A laid back chill, ambient lounge track, featuring recurring shinai and reverberant flute hooks over a rich tapestry of electronic percussion. Total length 6:47 (begin early fade 3:47 – 3:57) 80 bpm


Medicine Man

A celebration of African and Middle Eastern ambiance, featuring a dynamic rock organ alternating with synth melodic lines and solos, supported by lively world percussion. Total length 7:20 (begin early fade at 5:08) 112 bpm