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Sad really!

Sorry – I just love that picture! It has nothing to do with this post – and maybe that is the reason I chose it!

I run One Degree and a while back and out of indifference or a sense of sheer abandon … or cramps I posted this article.

I was wondering about clickbait? And wanted to make a point – that being, how much I hate it and that you should too!

It was and still is (I think?) the highest viewed article on One Degree. Truthfully I haven’t checked because it sickens me.

I have been a Cluetrain Guy since day one – in fact they gave me permission s to use the material in The Cluetrain for lectures. And using clickbait is just so against my beliefs – to the core. So when I saw that a recent article I posted started to skyrocket with hits I needed to look … yep, this one! I did not do this on purpose. So what we are doing on OneDegree is now serving up what I call EIS – Executive Information Services as opposed to MIS. I would do more with this but it would cost me a pretty penny. And that penny of shininess ain’t on hand! We are not Condé Nast. Shit, we aren’t even Barb Nast! So what I do daily is grab really interesting articles from 50 or so alert feeds and one hundred or so news feeds and post them. They are all – for the most part – of interest to someone like just like me! A person that was deep into the online biz, some geeky stuff, some M&A and some good old-fashioned executive management stuff.

Anyway – the pictures I use are the front page shots on the first article. Well, the one last Friday was talking about fake news and the elections. Voila!!! Clickbait attained!

Not my intent. Not what I want. But there it is. Folks clank onto that story by the thousands and thousands … I was thinking of taking it down but that to me is close to censorship. And if you know me I hate that!

Anyway a smallish Mea Culpa!

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