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Outraged, incensed, offended… and well all sorts of shit!

I don’t know nuthin!

I am an old guy. But that is not why I don’t know nuthin!

I am an old white guy – and that is not why I don’t know nuthin!

The reason I don’t know nuthin …  is that stuff that is percolating is, well not real.

Lemme ‘splain

A young girl was incensed and outraged that her employer misspelled her name twice! Twice!

Ok, not great but to be fair I looked at the Kid’s name and I bet I would get it wrong 3 out of 5 times. Why? Because I am a racist? No, I have trouble with this type of memorization.

Maybe the shots to the head I took playing football – may be other reasons but a Doctor explained the damage causes short term… Oh, look flowers!

Sorry. Je digress1

In Victoria we have one branch of the Public Library named:

sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ JAMES BAY BRANCH

I have downloaded the pronunciation of this Indigenous name and tried to remember how to say it and spell this… I just can’t.

I am also NOT being racist in this instance. Also, I must point out my Cantonese sucks and I can’t read Hebrew. I took French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin in high school and it was a fine school. Can I speak any of them (Well no one speaks Latin unless you are in Latin America, LOL) No I am not multi-lingual? Some would say I am hardly uni-lingual. I did however lecture at three Canadian universities so… that means either the qualifications to lecture at a university are shit or I am pretty bright and valued in spite of my learning disability. Speaking of disabilities I am also a retired professional drummer… we will circle around to that later!

Oh, and for the record, I grew up in a French-speaking household. yeah, it’s the shots to the head.

If you happen to have a name or I see a word that is not within my lexicon I betcha I am going to misspell it. Intentionally? No.  Why would I? If I wanted to intentionally be mean, racist, derogatory, or hateful to someone misspelling ain’t really a grievous offense. Punching someone in the throat is more in line with wreaking havoc.

We really need to get over ourselves in all the petty racist bullshit. There are serious problems and serious issues that need to be dealt with – this kid’s woes are not one of them. Does it matter to her? Of course, it does! I am not marginalizing her feelings.

In fact, I think this is a good time for me to protest because I bet she cannot read a lick of drum music. Here read and play this.

What? You can’t!!!

How dare you!

RIP, my dear friend Mr. J. Pratt.  If you cannot read this drum chart – one of the best I have ever played, well  … you are a damn racist!

Now, I am triggered!



    • themose
      themose June 29, 2020

      Thank you !!!

      And hats off to modern medicine apres cortisone shots back on the tubs!

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