Meat pies

Not often food creates such a visceral memory. I just devoured a Scottish meat pie. It almost brought tears to my eyes. No, it didn’t but that sounded dramatic and was for your enjoyment.

Brought back great memories of my Dad and pipe band. Cue up “Scotland the Brave!”

Scotch meat pies were, and I hope they still are, as much a part of the pipe bands as the kilt! 

After every highland game and/or competition we had peas and Scotch meat pies and beer served in the parking lot heated with Coleman stoves. (The pies, not the beer.)

Possibly the only reason folks play in a pipe band. Free beer and Scotch meat pies. 

That lil pie (From a small local butcher here!) tasted exactly, and I do not mean reminded me of … tasted exactly how Scottish meat pies should taste!

Tasted so good … that I grabbed the old Alex Duthart sticks and …

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