Drag Shows

A recent Tweet showed a little girl dancing etc. Lots of upset people commented on this.

I still maintain my longstanding view that:

1 – Children are children. They love attention!

What do you mean by that?

As a child if “Aunt Millie” came by and tweaked your cheek, said you were ‘cute as a button’ and gave you 25¢ to put a pot on your head and dance .. you would dance til you dropped.

Will you remember this 30 years later? Probably not.

You will however remember the years of “adulting” forced on you by the church the schools and your parents.

“Be quiet!”
“Sit down!”
“Everyone line up!”

And the list is endless. These adult things coat children in the most abysmal habits. The world wants conformity. And the world wants obedient workers. The coating of “adult” stifles the creative mind … it silences the child in all of us. And it is sometimes done by people – horrible, evil people I would NOT let babysit my goldfish!

2 – In my personal experience, not one drag performer has committed a criminal act against a child. You say “Yet!” I say, sure maybe but the facts are these are the folks that I worry about being around children.

Scout leaders
That weird Uncle
The babysitter
Parents – most likely evil stepdads
And one and on and so on and so forth …

I could list recent news reports with all of the above being charged with child porn or crimes against children. I do not have to, you have read them.

Here is the “image” I keep in mind when people start judging people … this one is based on their looks!

Two are convicted pedophiles and one a small business owner.



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